At Senior two the girls are taught about ratios and proportions within their mathematics curriculum and the concept is well applied within the cookery fields. Baking follows a recipe which is made up of a strict rule of proportions for a given set of ingredients.

Today,2nd December 2017 the girls at Senior two, Gayaza High School have been introduced to some baking skills and they have learnt how to prepare a marble cake. This is part of a whole school approach to Entrepreneurship and follows the application of what is taught in class to the real-life situation. We focus on solving the problem of unemployment which has led to a high level of poverty among the Ugandan citizenry.

The following ingredients have been used within the recipe;

  • Flour – 1kg (b) Sugar – 1/2kg      (c) Butter – 1/2kg
  • (d) Milk – ½ litre  (e) Eggs- 6/7
  • Vanilla essence – 3 covers
  • Baking powder – 4 levelled teaspoons
  • Cocoa – 2 table spoons.

We worked in 8 teams of 10 in each of the three sessions, training 200 students in all.

The students are expected to practice this back at home and start to bake a cake for the family whenever an opportunity arises. The training has been facilitated by some Senior three students who undertook a similar training last year and have continued to bake back home while others ended up in the Foods and Nutrition class.

We are hopeful that the teamwork developed during such an exciting baking session can continue to influence the group work we yearn for during the academic work. The students have been well prepared to start thinking of a possible business and need to be supported by their families. One of our own parents, Ms. Brendah Nalubwama of Eliza Holdings Ltd in Munyonyo joined in the training and offered inspiration to the girls. She is in full time baking since 2010 and does not regret getting out of government employment.

As a school we encourage the students to join the various school clubs and plan exhibitions including sales of items produced using their skills. This gives them a background to innovation and creativity which are key skills in business and this experience should lead them into starting their own businesses in future.

As teachers we need to pay attention to the application areas for the concepts we teach and work in collaboration with other departments to enable the students experience real life learning that will make schooling relevant. Otherwise we shall be sending out youth from our schools that cannot contribute to the development of our country and the world at large. As a teacher of mathematics, I would like to greatly thank my colleagues in the Foods and Nutrition department who have continued to support this baking programme that brings mathematics to life.