19th June 2019 started as a normal day at Sitankya Primary School where the pupils did not suspect that their bean garden was to become several things including a mathematics class.

The Harvest was done with mathematical principles in clear view In 1,760,000sq.cm we harvested 23 kgs of fresh beans. Convert to sq.m then hectares.
176sq.m and 0.0176hectares and 0.0434905acres. Now this may not be required by the exam but important.

If in 0.0434905 of an acre we harvest 23kg of fresh beans,how much will be harvested in 1acre?
22.99 X 23 = 529kg.
Does a cup of fresh beans weigh 1kg or you need 2cups? The school measured 2cups per kg.
I buy each cup of fresh beans at sh.2500 so 1kg costs sh.5,000. Hence income from the acre of sh.2,645,000.

Would someone have good market for fresh beans? What is important is for the pupils to experience this process and calculations at this point in time.

Dr. Stanley Nkalubo and NARO team under TAAT(Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation) the partners growing High Iron Beans (HIB)in Ugandan schools. They visited at the right time to see their products on the plates.

Iam sure this was a great lunch. The topic on food, traditional dishes, hygiene and others taught at P.4/5 can now be taught with good reference. Just ask the teachers of your daughter how they handle these topics! Our classrooms must make use of our day to day experiences and in a practical way. Thank you Sitankya Primary School and all the partners.

We need more partners for similar experiences in schools.