Today 29th April 2019, One of the leading news papers in Uganda,Daily Monitor ran the article below;I agree with all the issues listed but we need to start engaging with this monster of ” Hunger” in our schools if we are to provide quality education for the learners.

A group of Teachers and Educators have come together to revive Agricultural Education in our schools. Our focus is contextualising the teaching and learning process using agricultural activities. All the subjects taught in our schools can find a teaching aid within the agricultural activities frame work. This network is called the “Teachers and Educators for the Future Farmers Africa-TEFFA”. This literally means Uganda will not die(TEFFA) when we the teachers & educators are looking on. The educators are listed here to be any persons interested in providing agricultural education to schools. So you and me are part of this if you so wish.

The schools who have adopted this thinking are beginning to showcase food security hubs in their fields.

Children at Sitankya Primary School-Mukono District learning about the use of a tractor. Mechanised Agriculture should be made visible to the youth for motivational purposes.

A Tractor planting a 2 acre field of maize for the school supported by Grainpulse(u) Ltd under Hillary Semana who provided the seed and fertiliser. The tractor was offered by Gayaza High School through their community development programme.

Lbean 1Children at Sitankya Primary School learning how to do manual planting

IMG_20190419_132541Children at Mathematics,Science and Technology(MST) Junior Academy participating in the POWESA exhibition in April 2019 supported by Dr. Emma Naluyima the Director of the School. If the owners of schools know the value of Ag. Educ then the children will receive the right skilling.

SMACK boys learning how to grow Napier Grass to feed the cows supported by               Dr. Semambo Daniel, a veterinary expert.

The Napier Field just after 2 months

School Animals feeding on health Napier Grass

Students from New Horrizon-Mukono with their Farm Manager-Mr. Nelson Majwala learning how to grow High Iron Beans(HIB) supported by NARO-Bean team under the leadership of Dr. Nkalubo Stanley.

The HIB field at SMACK

The HIB field at Sitankya Primary School

Setting up the HIB garden at Gayaza High School

Setting up the HIB garden at Trinity College Nabbingo. It was exciting to see the Headmistress,Mrs. Dorothy Matovu taking the lead with the Fr. Chaplain. This is what we expect to see in all schools.

Hosting a training for students on growing High Iron Beans at SMACK conducted by      Dr. Nkalubo Stanley.

NARO Bean team showcasing the various varieties of beans developed to schools and the public during the Youth Conference held at SMACK in Dec 2018. The TEFFA Project manager-Brian Kibirige hosting volunteers from the Future Farmers of America(FFA) who are supporting TEFFA-Uganda.

I strongly feel that there must be a focused discussion between the Ministry of Education and that of Agriculture to engage schools in redeveloping agricultural education programs for ALL school going children plus their teachers. A lot can be achieved if the science taught in schools can be interpreted in the lense of agricultural activities and taken back home through the children. This will lead to better farming methods at the house holds and better yields where the surplus goes to the market.